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Using an iPhone with the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange Service

With the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange E-Mail service, your email, calendar events, and contacts are wirelessly synced to your iPhone.  Your e-mail is automatically pushed to your iPhone as it arrives and you can easily add and change contact and calendar information on your iPhone.  Your iPhone and Microsoft Outlook will always be synced no matter where you are!  In addition, should your iPhone ever be lost or stolen, you can protect your information by remotely wiping all your iPhone’s data and settings using the Outlook Web App.

Setup Instructions:

  1. iphone1.pngTo add an Exchange account to your iPhone, tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account, then Microsoft Exchange. Note, you can configure only one Exchange account per device.

  2. On the next screen, enter your complete email address, domain, username, password, and a description (which may be anything you like).  Once you enter your information and tap “Next”, the iPhone will automatically locate and configure your iPhone for the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange E-Mail System. Contact OpenSpark if you do not know or remember your information.

  3. In certain cases, your iPhone may need additional information in order to connect to the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange E-Mail System and the screen below will be shown.  In the Server field enter one of the following server address then tap “Next”.
  4. Make sure that Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, are all turned on as shown below and tap “Save”.   Your iPhone is now configured to connect and synchronize with the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange E-Mail system.

Additional Notes:

  • By default, only 3 days' worth of email is synchronized. To synchronize more, go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap on Mail days to sync.

  • After configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account, all existing contact and calendar information on the iPhone is overwritten. Additionally, iTunes will no longer sync your contacts and calendars with your desktop computer if previously setup to do so. 

  • If your iPhone is lost or stolen and you need to remotely wipe your data, you can do so by logging into the Outlook Web App at and accessing the “Phone” menu available within “Options”.

  • Should you require addition support connecting your iPhone to the OpenSpark Hosted Exchange E-Mail system, please visit My OpenSpark or contact us at 888-795-8505, option 5 or


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